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  • The Chocolate Story of Leonidas

    I know, I know, the spring hit the Northern Hemisphere hard, and we are all dieting, starving and having nervous attacks because those “love handles” look more like bus handles now, and cellulite seems to be the integral part of the landscape these days. Most [...]

  • 5 new ideas for a chicken-based dish

    Chicken is probably one of the most well-known ingredients for a quick and nutritious meal. While it may not be as classy as wagyu beef, it is still a good choice for filling your belly. Not only it is inexpensive and quite approachable in every [...]

  • Spring is for Spring rolls – and these 3 Chinese dishes

    Chinese food must be one of the first food that pops in our mind when we are hungry and considering what are we going to eat today. It has effortlessly integrated itself into our daily lives, probably due to the fact that it takes the [...]

  • The 3 most perfect no-bake desserts for those unexpected guests

    It is quite simple these days to take care of your sweet cravings. If you are like us, you would probably head out to the nearest bakery and enjoy any of the sweets you want. You can also have it delivered to your doorstep, too. [...]

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