Consider yourself a pizza lover?

Consider yourself a pizza lover?

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Pizza – probably the most popular and well-known food there is. Let’s be honest about this – with the right toppings and the perfect crust, no one is going to say no to pizza. It is the most appropriate meal for any occasion and for any time of the day. It is love.

Business meeting in the office? Order some pizza. Having friends over for a quiet night of Netflix binging or a football game? Pizza will please everyone. Very hungry during the long day running errands and no time to eat? Grab a pizza slice and eat it on the go. Your kids are “not hungry” or in the mood to be picky about what they eat? Pizza to the rescue from potential, or ongoing, tantrums.

It is no wonder that around the world, pizza is listed as people’s favourite food. Yet, while many are very vocal about the fact that they love pizza, the pizza itself might complain that that is not true. Yes, they know what their favourite ingredients and toppings are, but they probably do not know much about it.

Here is the list of 7 interesting facts about pizza you could use to impress someone in any of those situations you might be eating it. Use them carefully, though, as you also do not want to seem lame, because pizza probably accomplished much more than anyone would manage in a lifetime.

Make sure to drop it casually though, without starting the sentence with “Did you know” or “Fun fact” – you do not want to be the creepy guy. If you are a girl, though, you will probably get away with it. Here it comes!

1. Long time no name

The word “pizza” as we know it first time appeared in a Latin script in 992 in, of course, Italy. Yet, the pizza has been around much longer, since the ancient times. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians were well-versed pizza masters way before the pizza showed up in Napoli, Italy, which is considered its place of origin.

Apparently, it took a Roman who loved it so much to decide to finally name this delicious wonder. We cannot help but wonder how did they call pizza before that, though. The round thingy, perhaps?

2. It has been its day, week or month.

This famous delicacy unsurprisingly has its international day, a week, and a month. The international pizza day is celebrated on February 9th each year, which is an awesome alternative if you are looking to escape Valentine’s day craze with your special someone. This day turns into international pizza week, lasting until February 15th. Yet, pizza month is actually October in the USA, with pizza being the most ordered meal throughout October. Pizza places can barely catch up with orders they receive during Haloween.

If you are looking to impress your business partners, you might want to remember this date: 22nd of May, also known as “Bitcoin Pizza Day”. You see, on this day, nine years ago, a programmer Laszlo Hanyecz ordered two pizzas and paid for them 10.000 Bitcoins, at the time valuing a little less than $30. Eight years later, on the same day, those pizzas were worth $82 million! We hope the pizza was delicious!

3. Let them eat pizza

Speaking of costly and fine dining, the most expensive pizza you can get these days rounds up to an astonishing $12.000! After knowing that someone paid $40 million for a pizza, it seems cheap, yet when compared $2.33, which is the average price for a pizza slice in New York, you might want to think twice.

Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar on Unsplash

Still, you don’t get you average pizza slice for $12.000. What you get is perfectly made dough delivered to you by a professional chef that is going to make the pizza in your own kitchen! That way you can both smell the pizza while it’s being made, and eat it, too. Some of the ingredients available for the money are three different sorts of caviar, lobsters, and other, rather expensive ingredients.

4. A place in the universe

You can crave pizza anywhere you are. At your spouse’s family dinner, behind your desk in the office, or while you are waiting for your sibling to leave the house because you are not willing to share. Even if you are on an International Space Station, the craving is real.

It was real to Yuri Usahov while he was in space. Very real. So the Russians decided to help their astronaut out. This is how Pizza went to space in 2001. It has cost them over a million bucks to have a 6-inch pizza delivered to Yuri while he was in the Space Station. Slowly but surely, with this achievement under its belt, pizza will conquer the universe!

5. Not your regular ingredients

With pizza being popular around the universe, it is very normal for each country to have added a bit of something unique to their toppings arsenal. Truth is, pizza has come a long way from the good oldie tomatoes, ham, and mozzarella.

Pepperoni pizza, photo by Alan Hardman on Unsplash

The most popular topping in America is for sure pepperoni, followed closely by sausage. Hawaiian pizza (Canadian actually, invented by a chef of Greek origin) with pineapple, shocking as it may be, is not new. However, if you head on to India, you can also find tofu on your pizza, and in Brazil, you might find green beans. In Japan, Mayo is one of the most popular toppings. The French love a fried egg on their pizza – it is probably the reason why they eat it with cutlery rather than with fingers.

6. Be the star of your own movie

With its popularity, it is no wonder that someone thought about making a pizza movie. Two, actually. Truth is, they are more about pizza delivery guys, but still. The first one, “Pizza Man”, came out in 1991 and is dealing with one pizza delivery guy trying to charge his $15 for the pizza, leading him into an unorthodox adventure.

With superhero movies being a huge hit in the theatres, creating hype and generating big bucks, it would come as no surprise that the second “Pizza Man”, which came out in 2011, is dealing with a superhero pizza delivery guy. This superhero got his powers by eating a genetically modified tomato and inevitably has to use them to save the world and the girl of his dreams.

7. It is healthy, learn how to make it yourself.

Not only pizza is delicious and perfect in any way, after some recent research it has come to light that pizza can actually reduce the risk of cancer! Help your body, eat your pizza. It is alright to be sceptical about this because you are worried about the quality of it you can get at your regular fast food stop. So why don’t you learn to make it yourself?

Honestly, there are 26,484 different books on Amazon about pizza. It is certain you will be able to find the right recipe for your preferred one. If you are not into reading, but looking to see how it’s done, you can head out to the World Pizza Championship! There you can see the masters doing it while competing in five different competitive events and learn every step for making a delicious pizza.

We are done! Now you can go share the knowledge! But first, we are sure that you are hungry now, so make the phone call or hit the market and start making the pizza!

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