Top 3 Simplest Ways to Decorate Your Chocolate Cake

Top 3 Simplest Ways to Decorate Your Chocolate Cake

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They say that the day you become an adult is a day you realize that you can buy and eat a cake whenever you feel like it. It is like it’s your birthday every day and you can actually enjoy it without having to ask for someone’s approval or permission.

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While it is true that you can eat a whole cake each and every day for the rest of your life, sometimes, a store-bought cake just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, you need to step it up and make the chocolate cake yourself.

Why should I make the cake when I can just buy one?

There is one too many occasion when a homemade cake is the way to go. Maybe you are trying to impress the hosts of the party you are heading to with your baking skills. Your husband just let you know that your monster in law is joining you for lunch? You should get on her good side with a good old chocolate cake. Or, your child could have decided that being picky applies to cakes as well and doesn’t fancy the bought cakes anymore.

Still, if we are being honest, you do not really need a reason or a special occasion to make a chocolate cake. You could be making it just to please your own chocolate cravings, which is fine, too. Especially considering that you do not need much time or effort to make one: the chocolate cake can be made with as few as five ingredients, half of them probably there in your pantry already. You would need a good oven, and if you have a spare 45 minutes of your time, you can whip up a delicious chocolate cake.

However, if you are not making it just for yourself or if you are planning to make a couple of pictures of it for Instagram, then you should be considering decorating it as well. Decorating a cake can be a mess and a somewhat troublesome activity, yet the one always worth the effort.

If you are planning to decorate your chocolate cake, here are our 3 mouthwatering ideas for a simple, yet perfect and picture-friendly chocolate cake decoration.

What is better than chocolate? More chocolate!

It probably occurred to you, too. The best decoration ingredient for a chocolate cake is more chocolate. There are several different ways you can use the chocolate to decorate it and all of them are rather simple.

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Melted chocolate proves to be the easiest solution. You don’t have to deal with spatulas and the frustration of an uneven spread. All you have to do is steam-melt a bit of your favourite chocolate, and pour it over your cake. You should act quickly though, as once it hardens, you will have to melt it again to get to where you planned your chocolate cake to be. Bonus, you get to lick the rest of the melted chocolate that was left stuck on the pot!

If you melt your chocolate and put it in the piping bag, the possibilities are endless. You can draw whatever you would like on some baking paper and once it has cooled, decorate the cake. Make some beautiful butterflies if you are feeling like a pro or go with basic heart shapes if you are unsure of what you are doing.

You can also write something and dedicate the cake for the occasion. For the first time decorators, simply create a mess or a grid of tiny chocolate lines overlapping one another. This will look beautiful when it hardens and end on top of the cake, too!

It is true, not everyone has piping bags and all the equipment required for these endeavours. Yet, you surely must have a grater? Cover the top of your cake with light cream and grate some chocolate on top of your chocolate cake! For a better visual effect, use white chocolate to create contrast.

Feeling guilty about too much chocolate?

Another way to decorate a chocolate cake and relieve yourself from the guilt of having too much chocolate on your cake is by adding some fruits on top of it!

Decorating with fruits is a thing, even though it might sound counterproductive. It will add an additional layer of taste to your cake, a healthy one at that.

The usual fruit people go with when decorating are strawberries. While it may be a cliche, adding some chopped, or even whole strawberries on top of your chocolate cake will add the additional taste which will sweeten the deal. Add a bit of cream, too. Now that’s a killer combo!

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Still, you are in no way limited to strawberries if you are adding the fruit to your creation. You can use slices of lemon or orange to cover the top of your cake, for example. It will look aesthetically pleasing, and which will definitely add a bit of extra to your cake.

Pro tip: Make sure to add the fruits at the last minute because you don’t want your fresh fruit dampening and ruining your cake. If you are adding the fruits for the Instagram, but don’t feel like actually eating them, you can always remove them when you cut the cake and start eating it!


Make your child, or your inner child, super happy with the cake by covering it in additional sweets! Not only will it look beautiful and picture friendly, but it will also make all the kids in the room, and some adults too, super excited to eat it. Seriously, who doesn’t like sweets?

This is the simplest way to show off your newbie baking skills. It could be your first time decorating or baking and your cake got a bit burnt. Or, the cake did not rise as high as you wanted. All you want to make sure is to get enough sweets because they will cover and hide all the mistakes you do not want the world to see.

Sprinkle candies can be a lifesaver. Just by pouring a bunch on your freshly iced cake, and tapping slightly to make them stick, you can get extremely eye-pleasing kids cake. The more colourfull the cake is, the better.

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You can also use chocolate fingers to create the beautiful sides to your cake. Put a bit of icing to make them stick and use them as you go all the way around. Once you have the edges done, you will get the shallow container on top of your cake, where you can pour all the candies and sweets in the world.

All of these are incredibly simple solutions to turn your cake into an artistic masterpiece. By applying some of these on your cake, you are sure to get a bunch of compliments, likes and make guests happy!

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