Global-style breakfast you could be eating

Global-style breakfast you could be eating

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In the inevitable morning rush, it is not uncommon to trade healthy habits for a snooze or two. Usually, people tend to skip breakfast for a couple of additional zzzs. If you are running late even before your feet are on the floor, who has the time for it? Still, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there is no doubting it. It is supposed to give you energy for the entire day up ahead.

Some countries still consider breakfast to be something that you shouldn’t skip, though. Around the world, people actually treat it as a meal that requires both your time and attention. They will sit at the table for breakfast and it is normal for the variety of food to be on the table for the whole family to eat together. Definitely different from the “grab whatever is in the fridge and out of the door” breakfast you are probably used to.

If only you were born in some of the countries below, you could be actually looking forward to this meal. Still, there is no reason for you not to incorporate these ideas into your daily routine to make sure you don’t ever skip the most important meal again. Let us show you what you could be doing instead and give you a couple of ideas to spice up breakfast.

If you were born in Europe:

In some of the European countries, such as Italy, France or Spain, you will likely be hustling from the moment you open your eyes. So, we are starting with them and starting small. In most of these countries, it seems like breakfast is being skipped too, as people oftentimes leave the house without putting anything in their stomach.

Yet, they know better than to gulp their morning-kick coffee on an empty stomach. Coffee is usually paired with pastry in the morning to create a good start for the day. In France, you will likely see people eating a croissant with their morning coffee, while in Italy, the cappuccino is accompanied by a brioche filled with jam or chocolate.

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English and German people put a bit more effort into their breakfast. English breakfast is famous around the world and very popular in Australia. It usually consists of eggs, sausages, bacon, beans and cooked tomatoes. Apparently, the English know the importance of breakfast and early nutrition. Germans, on the other hand, tend to eat a cold breakfast. In the morning you are likely to find fresh bread, some cold, sliced meat, cheese, butter, and jam on the table.  

Breakfast in Sweden is strikingly similar to the German one, yet in a more organized manner. The ingredients are all there but in the shape of an open-face sandwich. It is usually layered with fish or cold meat, with the addition of vegetables and cheese for a better taste.

If you were born on an Asian continent:

You would be very lucky, with a full table for breakfast and several meals to choose from. It is more than obvious that these countries have way more respect for breakfast and that they consider it as important of the event as any other meal of the day.

The best example for this is in Korea, where the breakfast food is pretty much the same as dinner food. Rice, soup, kimchi, and some type of fish or beef is commonly on the table. Yet, the most common dish in Korea for breakfast are the leftovers from dinner.

Japanese breakfast is rather similar, with an emphasis on protein. Japanese tend to start their day with a bowl of miso soup, white rice, fish or an omelette, and some pickled vegetables. In the Philipines, the most important aspect of breakfast is rice and whatever meat goes along with it.

However, if you were born in India, the breakfast is unlikely to go by without a tray containing a wide variety of dips and different bread to use them with. In a country as big as that, the types of food you can find on your tray may vary from region to region, but the truth is, with so many options in front of you, you will likely take your time with your breakfast. 

If you were born in between the two:

Turkey will surprise you with the variety even more so than India. A full table containing almost everything is presented for the family to eat for breakfast. On the table, you can find bread, cheese, butter, olives, eggs, tomatoes, jam, honey, and kaymak, among other things. Each of these goes down with the help of Turkish tea. No one is bound to grab any of these for on the go.

Russians are, on the other hand, prone to a bowl of Kasha – literally any grains boiled in water or milk. Similar to the cereals breakfast you might find in other countries, Russians prefer to grab a bowl of this and go on with their day.

If you were born in South America:

In this part of the world, you are bound to have a hearty breakfast. Truth is, what is considered as breakfast in these countries is probably thought of as a feast in other.

Brazil is the country closest to what we know, considering that the common breakfast is a plate of bread, ham and cheese. While this is something we can relate to, another common thing, Feijoada, is also common in the morning. Feijoada is a thick stew, made with beef or pork. That’s a heavy breakfast and might make you go back to bed while you are digesting it.

In Venezuela, arepas are a thing. They are commonly filled with butter and salty cheese and are delicious per se. For breakfast, you could eat arepas together with an assortment of meats, eggs or beans, and sometimes even chicken and avocado salad.

Mexico is famous for its hefty breakfast, usually consisting of chilaquiles and huevos rancheros. Chilaquiles are in essence corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried. They are dipped in green or red salsa or even mole. On the other hand, huevos rancheros, include the fried eggs on top of the tortilla, with fresh salsa made of tomatoes, chilli peppers and cilantro.

If you were born in Australia:

You should be looking forward to eating a lot of Vegemite!

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